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Fearless Elderly Woman Stares Down Burglar, Scares Him Off

A fearless 92-year-old Wisconsin woman stopped an attempted home invasion while she was by herself.

On Sunday afternoon Verne Funk was inside her home in Caledonia, Wisconsin, when she heard a noise at her back window, Fox 6 Now reports. She got up to investigate and saw that it was a man standing on a garbage can trying to break into her house.

The suspect had gotten the screen removed from the window and was almost in when Funk spotted him and stared him down. They locked eyes and the man ran away.

"He looked like an ordinary person!" she told Fox 6 Now. "He took the screen off and he was trying to get the window open."

Funk's grandson Jake Ehleiter said that the suspect had already taken a window out of his grandmother's garage and gotten in to search it before discovering there was nothing of value. He then decided to try for the house, not realizing anybody was inside.

"He wouldn't have found anything, maybe 20 dollars," Funk told CBS 58.

Police were called after Funk scared the man away, and they spent the next hour searching for the suspect in a wooded area near Funk's home, according to Fox 6 Now. The suspect was not found, but they did find a burned camper parked about 50 yards from her house. Funk said she didn't know there was a camper or anybody living there.

Police say they have a person of interest they are looking for. He is about 50 years old and could be armed.

The suspect is still on the loose and Funk's family said they plan to check on her frequently. They have even talked about buying her a dog.

Funk, however, seemed unfazed by the break-in attempt.

"He got away and everything and I wasn't scared of him or anything," Funk said.

Sources: Fox 6, CBS 58

Photo Credit: Fox 6, CBS 58


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