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'I Was Gonna Rob This Place But I Know You': Robber Recognizes Clerk, Gives Thumbs Up

A would-be robber changed his mind about robbing a Colorado convenience store after he recognized the man behind the counter.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said the man, wearing a mask and a blue hooded sweatshirt, walked into a Quick Save convenience store in Wheat Ridge at noon on Tuesday, WRTV reports.

According to the cashier, the man looked at him and said, “(Expletive), I was going to rob this place but I know you.”

The suspect then asked the clerk whether he knew who he was, but the cashier did not recognize the man. The suspect replied, “Good,” and walked out of the store while giving the stunned clerk the “thumbs up” sign.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said the would-be robber drove off in an older, 1990s, full-size, gray or silver four-door sedan with purple-tinted windows and no visible license plates. The suspect was also wearing bandana jeans and red and yellow shoes.

A man fitting the same description robbed a 7-Eleven nearby shortly after the attempted robbery at Quick Save.

According to the Daily Mail, deputies released CCTV footage from Quick Save, as well as still images from a street surveillance camera, in an effort to track down the suspect.

Watch the surveillance below:

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Sources: WRTV, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office


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