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'I Wanted To Watch Her Die' Says Man Who Killed Ex-Wife (Photos)

A Texas man who confessed to stabbing and suffocating his ex-wife in December hid her body in his garage. He alarmingly stated, "I wanted to watch her die," as part of his cold confession. 

The woman, Anne-Christine Johnson, 30, disappeared on Dec. 8 after paying a visit to ex-husband Shaun Hardy at his League City home, the Daily Mail reports. 

Law enforcement officials interviewed Hardy, 32, three weeks into her disappearance. 

Hardy confessed to killed her on Dec. 30, soon after cops traced her cell phone to his home. 

Officials found her corpse inside his home wrapped in plastic. Hardy had tried to use scented candles around it to hide the smell and tried to wipe the floor clean of her blood using ammonia.

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He sobbed as he allegedly told police how he "wanted to watch her die" during her last visit to his house. 

She had held a knife to her own chest as if she were going to commit suicide when he kicked it into her body to "put her out of her misery." He then suffocated her with a plastic bag, the Houston Chronicle reports. 

Hardy then wrapped the corpse in plastic sheets and duct tape and stashed it in his garage. 

He hid the knife he used to stab her in a box, he told police.

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The couple divorced in 2015 and were in the middle of a custody battle over their autistic 5-year-old son.

The mother, who also has a second son from another relationship, had a restraining order in place against her former husband.  

She was afraid for her life and believed Hardy would kill her if he came anywhere near her. 

Johnson's distressed mother claims police could have prevented the killing but did not respond to her daughter's domestic abuse reports.

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A photograph available online depicts Johnson with bruises and injuries on her face and neck, inflicted by her ex-husband.

Hardy is being held on a $1 million bond. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle / Photo credit: skyward16/Photobucket, KTRK, Facebook via Daily Mail

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