'I Want Him Back In My Arms': Mother Begs ISIS To Return Her Kidnapped Son


The mother of a 3-year-old boy is begging ISIS to return her son after the boy’s father allegedly took him to Syria to fight for the terrorist group.

Lidia Herrera had not seen her son, Ismail, in over a year. The boy’s father was supposed to watch him while she visited family in Cuba. When she returned to her home in Belluno, a town in the Veneto region of northern Italy, they were gone.

A year later, Herrera discovered disturbing pictures of her son on the Internet posted by accounts linked to ISIS. In one photo, the child appears to be carrying an AK-47.

She went on an Italian talk show and begged ISIS to return her child.

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(via Mail Online)

“I never stop thinking about him; whether he is cold, whether he’s hungry, if he needs me,” she said in an interview with Ano Uno. “He is small. He needs his mother.

“I beg these people to let me speak to him, to see a photo,” Herrera added. “Without him I don’t know what I am going to do.”

The boy’s father, Ismar Mesinovic, is believed to have been killed while fighting in Aleppo in September. Herrera told La Repubblica that she had no idea her husband was a terrorist.

“I remember he was very upset by the massacres in Syria,” Herrera said. “He always watched the reports on TV about war."

"He would go to the mosque but when he came back he was completely normal,” she added.

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(via Mail Online)

“When I knew they had left for Syria, it was like everything around me fell apart. My little one in Syria … You can only imagine how a mother feels in front of news like that.”

Herrera told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that she had been receiving text messages from Mesinovic's Bosnian relatives telling her that her son is in good health.

La Repubblica reports that anti-terrorism police and secret service officers are currently investigating the matter.

In an interview with II Giornale, Herrera continued to plead for the return of her son: “I want him back in my arms. In the name of Allah, give me back my son.”

“They say they are real believers, but what they are doing is wrong," Herrera said. "It is not right to tear a child away from its mother.

“I hope that they look into their hearts and think about me, a mother who is desperately searching for her son. Even if my husband told them to raise him, I am his mother and I love Ismail like every mum in the world.”

Source: Mail OnlineRT / Photo Credit: Twitter


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