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‘I’m Hurting as Much as Trayvon’s Mother’ Says Juror B-29 (Video)

Juror B-29 from the George Zimmerman trial appeared on "Good Morning America" today where she claimed to be “hurting as much as Trayvon’s mother.”

 Juror B-29, now calling herself "Maddy," is a mother of eight children and was the only minority on the Zimmerman jury, notes

“My first vote was second-degree murder," Maddy said. "A lot of us had wanted to find something bad, something that we could connect to the law because all six of us, let’s not speak for all six of us. For myself, he’s guilty because the evidence shows he’s guilty."

Even though Zimmerman stalked Martin inside a car and on foot with a gun, Maddy stated: “We couldn’t prove that intentionally he killed him."

Maddy went on to say that she was the strongest voice in the jury room trying to assert Zimmerman's guilt.

She took on a victimized tone this morning saying how she was "forcefully included in Trayvon Martin’s death."

"I carry him on my back," Maddy said. "I’m hurting as much as Trayvon’s mother because there’s no way that any mother should feel that pain."

She also apologized to Martin's family because she “let them down.”



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