'I Love You': Heartbreaking Last Text Sent To Boyfriend From Oregon Massacre Victim Shot 10 Times


The tragic final text message sent by an Oregon shooting victim to her boyfriend was revealed among new details of the shooter’s rampage.

Julie Woodworth, 19, was shot 10 times during the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, on Oct. 1, the Daily Mail reports. She is currently in critical condition.

About 90 minutes before the killing spree began, Woodworth sent a text message to her boyfriend, Tyler Clark.

“Good morning baby,” the text read. "I’m just getting ready. I love you."

“She has swelling on the brain, part of her skull is detached, but the doctors can’t do any more until the swelling goes down,” Clark told the Daily Mail of his girlfriend’s condition.

"She looks like she’s lost 10 pounds," he added. "She’s all messed up and connected to a load of tubes." 

Clark said they're all still waiting to find out what exactly happened to Woodworth.

"All we know is that this guy came in, killed the teacher and then asked those who were Christian to stand up before shooting them," Clark said.

The heartbreaking text was revealed as new details emerged regarding Chris Harper-Mercer’s rampage at the school.

An anonymous witness told CNN that Harper-Mercer appeared “happy” as he gunned down a woman in a  wheelchair.

“She had a dog with her and the dog was on the ground,” the witness said. “She got off the chair, she went on the ground and then he told her to get back on the chair. And then she tried to climb back on the chair, and then he shot her."

The shooter reportedly spared one life: a young man whom he told he’d let live if he handed an envelope to the police.

In total, nine individuals lost their lives in the shooting, and the gunman also took his own life shortly after the massacre took place.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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