Woman Makes Boyfriend T-Shirt That Reads ‘I Hate Girls In Ibiza’ For His Holiday On Island (Photo)


A woman in the U.K. made her boyfriend a t-shirt covered with photos of them together, which he will wear while on vacation in Ibiza to let other women know that he’s taken.

Abbie Bartlett’s t-shirt features pictures of her and her boyfriend of six years, Leon Connolly, with the inscription: “I love my girlfriend Abbie and I hate all the girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me.”

According to ITV, 20-year-old Bartlett moved to Tynemouth in England with Connolly three years ago and together they have a 5-year-old daughter named Harlie.

"We're always pulling pranks on each other, our relationship is based on having fun,” she said. “I was with him when he booked to go on holiday with friends to Ibiza and I said I was going to make a T-shirt for him to wear. He said 'you wouldn't' and I just replied 'watch me.’"

Bartlett showed the t-shirt to Connolly a few days before he left for Ireland on Sunday where he is staying until he goes on a “lads” holiday on Friday.

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"I presented the T-shirt to him and he couldn't believe it,” she says. “He thinks it's hilarious. I was kind of joking when I said he had to wear it everyday but now I think he actually will, he's keen to take all kinds of crazy pictures with it!”

Since posting the photo online, Bartlett has received over 800 likes on her Facebook page and the hashtag “#whipped” has gone viral on Twitter.

“Leon said he definitely will wear it in Ibiza now because he’s practically famous, but I think it might have the opposite effect,” she says, according to news.com.au. “Now that everyone has seen it online I think it might just attract loads of girls ... some girls like a challenge.”

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(Photo via Metro)

But Bartlett insists that she’s not a psycho and the shirt was all in good fun.

Speaking to ITV Tyne Tees about the public's reaction, she said: "I am not an insecure, crazy girlfriend. It's just a joke. 90% of people think it's hilarious and it's only 10% who seem to lack in a sense of humor and don't understand."

Sources: ITV,news.com.au

Image Credit: Abbie Bartlett


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