'It Was Crazy': Woman Does Something Amazing For Stranger At Walmart


A New Hampshire couple is looking for a stranger who helped pay for their Christmas gifts at Walmart.

Robyn Ayres went to her local Walmart in Raymond, New Hampshire, on Dec. 5  to make a small payment on the $283 worth of layaway items she had for the holiday season, ABC News reported. When she got there, an employee informed her that someone had already made a payment.

“He said, 'A woman saw you and she said wanted to pay a portion of your bill,' and I just started crying,” Ayres told ABC News. “She paid more than half of our bill. It was crazy.”

Ayres said the balance was left at $130 and she received an anonymous note on the back of the receipt. It read: “I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. The lord is always with you! Have a blessed Holiday Season!”

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(Note on layaway receipt. Photo Credit: WMUR via ABC News)

The mother of two said she and her husband are grateful for the stranger’s kind act.

“Within the last year, we had to put our family dog to sleep and had to pay to do that,” Ayres said. “We've had several financial setbacks. Our stove busted on Thanksgiving so we didn't have that and it just pushes you back. We almost lost our house a few years ago and just to see someone doing this just makes us so happy.”

The couple said their children, 11-year-old Griffin and 3-year-old Ryder, will be pleased this Christmas with Xbox games, a Lightning McQueen toy, and other gifts.

“It makes you happy there is good still out there,” Ayres told the Union Leader. “I don’t know who the woman was and I don’t know any other way to tell her. I just want to thank her. I want her to know it didn’t go unnoticed.”

Sources: ABC News, Union Leader / Photo credit: ABC News, Jason Schreiber/Union Leader

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