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'I Hope You Rot...': Woman Who Raped 3-Year-Old Learns Her Fate

Sadie Annette Morris, 24, of Barwell, Leicestershire, has been sentenced to five years in prison for sexually abusing a 3-year-old girl.

She posed naked with the girl and sent the pictures from her Blackberry to a male friend in North Wales, reports the Daily Mail.

In the courtroom, the victim’s mother did not mince words when the verdict was announced, telling Morris, “I hope you rot in jail … You fat cow.”

Morris pleaded innocent to the charges of one count sexually assaulting a girl under 13 and three counts distributing indecent images of children. However, the jury found her guilty and on Sept. 9, she was jailed for five years by Judge Nicholas Dean at Leicester Crown Court.

The incriminating pictures were taken in July 2013, and include a naked woman engaging in sex acts with the girl. The naked woman was identified as Morris based on a rose tattoo. The Blackberry company was able to confirm that the pictures were sent from Morris’ phone.  

Morris admitted to texting images of herself, but denied taking or distributing indecent photographs of a child, arguing that her phone could have been accessed by someone else.

At trial, she testified: “People were asking me to take pictures of myself doing different things and I sent some to a couple of random people. I was experimenting. I knew some people who were doing it and I thought it would be fun. After I sent some I found it wasn't for me and didn't do it again. I regret sending those [of herself]. It was a stupid thing to do.”

After the verdict was announced, a spokesperson for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children issued the following statement:

It is hard to underestimate the devastating impact Morris's appalling abuse could have on her defenseless young victim. Her treatment of this child was truly sickening, but she then flaunted this by distributing images of what she had done. She has since shown little remorse during a trial that must have been painful for the child's family. But we hope this case shows that the likes of Morris can face justice. 

Sources: Daily MailLeicester Mercury / Photo credit: Pixabay via Gadgets 360​

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