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I Hear the Footsteps of Giants

How low can animal extremists go?

On a previous occasion I have written to condemn the tactics of animal rights extremists that promised to targetmychildren because of my public speech in support of the regulated and responsible use of animals in medical research.

Shortly after, I also wrote to denounce the tactics of counter-demonstrations organized by the owners of a pet store who decided to use the picture of an activist’s child to make the point that she belonged to PeTA.

The child in question was the daughter of Ghazal Tajalli who was not amused by the affair as she wrote “I think they have really crossed the line to attack a [sic] innocent 5 year old child.”  She further called the use of her child’s picture a “scare tactic”.

Who exactly is Ms. Ghazal Tajalli?

It turns out she is the Senior Editor of Disturbing the Abusers’ Peace at the extremist Negotiation is Over (NIO) web-site.  And while she clearly feels her daughter is off-limits, she appears to be of the opinion that the targeting of undergraduate college students is perfectly fine.

Indeed, Ms. Tajalli along with her associates at the Negotiation is Over (NIO) web-site have now reached a new low, when they decided to publish personal information, including email and Facebook page of an undergraduate FAU student in her NIO website, and urged her followers to "e-mail her."  

One can only speculate as to the nature of the emails, but the result was that shortly after the student issued a apology to them, begged Ms. Tajalli to leave her alone, and publicly announced she will look for alternative career paths that do not involve animal research.

These animal rights extremists claimed their “victory”.

But, as it now becomes evident, it will be a short-lived celebration.  As expected, the the news spread through the scientific blogosphere and some are convinced that this move is going to have exactly the opposite effect these radicals expect.  

In fact, Speaking of Research reminds us that:

Though NIO may refer to students as the “Soft bellied target of the vivisection complex” who “can be shut down with relative ease,” they should study their history. In the winter of 2005, the ALF launched a campaign that targeted students at Oxford University in the UK, declaring them to be “legitimate targets”. Did the students bow to the threats and arson attacks on their facilities? Not a chance! The students responded by launching the Pro-Test movement in support of animal research, and gave the ALF a drubbing which helped to turn the tide against AR extremism in the UK. The hate and lies of the ALF were simply no match for the solidarity shown by students and scientists at Oxford.

Similarly, in a recent OpEd Earl Holland writes

“In recent years, universities have been moving away from a historic role of “in loco parentis,” where the institution served in lieu of parents far away.  Students, as well as administrators, are more comfortable now with the notion that students are young adults.

But if Camille or others think that universities will stand idly by while animal rights activists abuse and harass their students, they are sorely mistaken.  The fact that institutions have been reserved on this issue in the past isn’t evidence that they will allow acts against students.

Camille’s miscalculation may well awaken sleeping giants”

In fact, I think I hear some footsteps right now.  

Don’t you?


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