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Doctor Writes Note Criticizing Business's Sick Day Policy

Anyone who has had to call in sick to work knows that the point of the call is to take some time, stay home and get better. 

That point is lost on some employers. Of course, major illnesses require a trip to the doctor, but a 24-hour bug or a bad cold often requires little more than a day on the couch. 

A day off is certainly more sensible than reporting to work and getting others sick. 

One doctor in Canada understands that and attempted to make it clear in a harshly worded letter written on behalf of a patient. 

The letter was recently posted to Reddit. According to the Metro, it was written to the management of an Alberta, Canada, Pizza Hut who had apparently demanded a letter confirming the employee had a cold. 

“[Name removed] has had, by their own report, a cold today and sensibly stayed home from work rather than spreading this to his colleagues/customers,” the letter from the sensible doctor begins. 

“I have no test for the common cold and therefore believe him, however you feel his time and mine should be wasted by making him sit in the walk in clinic for hours and me spending time writing a sick note that I could be spending on people who genuinely need my attention,” the note continues. “Please reconsider your policy on this - there are surely better ways of wasting your tax dollars.”

There was no report as to whether the Pizza Hut management accepted the letter. 

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