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'I Have Healed Myself': Man Reflects After Year Of Daily Good Deeds

Sometimes it pays to do the right thing, even if it earns you a few detractors along the way – just ask Luke Cameron.

Cameron, 26, started doing one good deed a day for strangers last January. The kind acts vary from being simple and free, like complimenting a stranger, to something costly and significant like buying someone a tank of gas. Cameron chronicles his deeds on his blog, "The Good Deed Diary.”

Now, after almost a year of good deeds in the books, Cameron was just awarded the U.K.’s National Philanthropy Manager position. For the next year, Cameron will travel the U.K. helping charities nationwide.

“I think I have healed myself by helping others,” he told MailOnline. "It really changes your perspective on life when you help people. You become so much more grateful for what you have. I did this purely to help people as a social experiment. I wanted to see how helping others for a year can really help yourself.

“I've gone from working part time in a shop to now the national philanthropy manager where I am making my life's work about helping others and I've raised thousands for charity.”

Though the overwhelming majority of people applaud Cameron’s efforts, he has a few detractors.

“The majority of people love it,” he says. “I have my haters, but that's a given really. I try not to dwell too much on other people's opinions. Most people to begin with didn't understand why I was doing what I was doing and became very reserved about me helping them. Skepticism was rife among my monetary good deeds, and some people questioned my motives, and others thought I wanted something in return.”

Cameron decided to start his good-deed campaign after a particularly selfless friend of his passed away.

“Maura was like a mother to me,” he says. “She was hands-down the most incredible and inspirational woman I will ever meet. When a neighbor needed food, she gave her last potato. When a friend needed money, she gave her last pound.”

Sources: The Good Deed Diary, MailOnline / Photo Credit: MailOnline


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