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'I Feel Bad For The Kids': House Full Of Feces And Garbage Leads To Child Abuse Charges (Photo)

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An Arizona mother is facing child abuse charges after police say they found her home covered with filth.

Jillian Wheeler, 27, was arrested at her home on Oct. 26, where she lived with her four biological children and another child, all between the ages of 3 and 8. According to Fox 10 News, one of the children called 911 to report a burglar. That call alerted police to the dangerous conditions of the house in Glendale, Arizona.

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Throughout the house, there was rotting food, garbage, human and animal feces, and no functioning toilets, reports ABC News.

The child told authorities that Wheeler would lock them in their rooms for hours on end, not even allowing them to use the bathroom. Wheeler changed the locks to their rooms so that they could be locked with a deadbolt from the outside, according to ABC News.

"My kids were fine," said Wheeler. "My kids were happy and healthy."

Wheeler told ABC News that she believes the police are lying.

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"Nothing happened and this is all a lie," said Wheeler. "Because police want to make money, and the more people they book into jail, the more money they make."

According to ABC 15 News, a witness, Wheeler's estranged spouse, the children would be locked up for hours at a time starting in November 2014. The children confirmed this.

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Neighbor Tom Barsuk told Fox 10 News that the filthy conditions inside the house surprised him, but only a little.

"Us and a couple of the other neighbors had called code compliance on them because it would get pretty bad out there," Barsuk explained. There would be trash laying in the street and in the driveway."

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Neighbors reported seeing a lot of strange things at the house.

"The smallest one running around completely nude," neighbor Manuel Ray told ABC News.

"Those people over there, they were just weird, just weird," Barsuk said.

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The children are currently in the care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety. Wheeler has been charged with four counts of child abuse with intent.

"I feel bad for the kids," Ray stated. "Terrible for the kids."

Sources: Fox 10 News, ABC 15 News / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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