'I Didn't Really Want To Hit Him': Teen Who Defended Blind Classmate From Bully Speaks Out

The California teen hero who stopped a bully from beating up his blind classmate has spoken out for the first time since video of the incident went viral.

The bully, Noah, has been arrested for misdemeanor battery after video circulated on social media of him beating a blind classmate, Austin, at Huntington Beach High School, where all three teens involved are currently students, NY Daily News reported.

Cody Pines, 17, is seen in the video knocking Noah to the ground with one swift punch to the face.

"You trying to jump a f***ing blind kid, bro?" Pines asks Noah in the video after the punch. "What the f*** is your problem?"

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After the video made waves online, Pines has been called a hero by viewers and by his peers at school. 

"I didn't really want to hit him," Pines told FOX L.A. on Sept. 24. "But when you punch a blind kid, that's what made me so mad. I kinda regretted it but I kinda didn't because if I didn't Austin would've been more hurt."

Pines said that he has watched videos of bullies getting away with beating up other kids and vowed that he would never let that happen if he were in such a situation. When he witnessed Noah hitting Austin, he knew what he had to do.

Despite the altercation, Pines said that he does feel bad that Noah was arrested.

"I Don't want to ruin his life," he added.

After the video went viral, news circulated that the school had taken Pines off the football team for his "violent behavior" and a petition was started to get him reinstated, which garnered over 22,000 signatures. However, a spokeswoman for the school, Alyssa Griffiths, is now saying that Pines hadn't even signed up to play football this year. 

Pines said that he just wants a positive outcome of the incident. 

"I hope everyone hangs out with him now and shows him love because Austin deserves it," he sad. "He's such a cool kid."

Sources: NY Daily News, Washington Times

Photo Credit: FOX L.A., Oakz/YouTube via NY Daily News


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