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'I Don't Want To Lose My House': Here's The Lawn Display That Landed This Woman In Hot Water (Photo)

Rachael Dennis of Yulee, Florida, says she thought that it would be nice to pay tribute to her favorite character in her front lawn. Her neighborhood's homeowners association (HOA) disagreed.

Dennis, a big Disney fan, moved to the Timber Creek subdivision in 2010, First Coast News reported. Disney decorations and memorabilia are all over her house and now her lawn.

She says that Disney is just something that makes her happy and she likes to show it. She put up a display in her front lawn that is shaped like Mickey Mouse to pay tribute to the classic Disney character.

Her HOA was not too pleased with her new display, but it is far from the first thing they have cited her for.

Dennis has received citations for weeds, a broken mailbox, the location of her garbage cans, and now Mickey Mouse.

"It kind of stinks," she told First Coast News. "You come home and you feel like you're walking on glass."

All of her other citations have been dismissed and the violations have been corrected -- except for Mickey Mouse.

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(Mickey Mouse display on lawn, Photo Credit: Ken Amaro via First Coast News)

"Her house was not built with Mickey Mouse in the yard and that is a change," said Katherine Morrison, property manager of her HOA.

Morrison added that Dennis did not apply for a change before putting the Mickey Mouse display in her yard. After the display was already up, she finally applied and was denied.

According to Morrison, the change was denied because it is not consistent with the character of the neighborhood.

Dennis said that she was told to either remove or modify the display. The HOA reportedly noted that she is allowed to have a circle, but would have to remove the ears.

She is planning to appeal, but in the meantime will comply with the HOA to keep the peace.

"I don't want to lose my house," Dennis said.

Sources: First Coast NewsWTSP

Photo Credit: Ken Amaro via First Coast News


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