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'I Don't Put Up With It': Bully Teen Gets Ultimate Punishment From No-Nonsense Dad

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When a father in Green Bay, Wisconsin, found out his son was a bully at school, he took matters into his own hands to make sure it never happened again.

Timothy Robenhorst was stunned and outraged when he found out that his son, Kayden Robenhorst, was tormenting a classmate at Pulaski Middle School. To ensure that he learned never to bully anyone again, Timothy imposed a strict five-part punishment. It started with Timothy waking his son up at 4:30 a.m. and instructing him to do 50 push-ups on his fists. Next, Kayden was told to do more difficult incline push-ups and then run a mile. He was then told to do landscaping work at two different houses his father owns. 

Next, Kayden was forced to apologize to the victim of his bullying in front of his entire class. Finally, the teen posed for a photo alongside his father that featured a sign which publicly revealed what he did and why he was being reprimanded. His father posted it on Facebook and encouraged people to share it. It soon began going viral and was shared over 1,000 times. As part of his punishment, Kayden was told that he had to set the photo as both his profile and cover picture on Facebook.

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"I teach my kids they do not start fights but if someone puts their hands on them they finish it," Timothy wrote alongside the photo. "This is what happens when you become a bully! I don't put up with it and at 4:30 a.m. today my son found out what happens when you pray [sic] on people and bully! Please share this to end this behavior everywhere! Nothing changes until you take a stance and it only takes one person to start a revolution!"

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