'I Don't Even Know Why We Pulled Him Over': Police Caught On Camera Arresting Man For No Apparent Reason (Video)


New York Police Department officers were caught on video questioning why they pulled over a man they later arrested for no apparent reason (video below).

“Why I am I being arrested?” the man in the driver’s seat asks. “Tell me why I’m being arrested. You never told me why I got pulled over in the first place.”

“Got any weapons on you, sir?” an officer asked the man.

“How many times do I have to say no?” the man replied. “Why did you search my vehicle? Because you see a bag? That makes no sense.”

Another officer then told the driver that they wanted to make sure there was not a weapon in the bag. “Why would you assume that there’s a weapon in a plastic bag?” the driver responded.

The man was taken away, with his camera still recording in the passenger seat of his car. Later, an officer came back to the vehicle and conducted a search. He seized the camera, but it continued to record while the officer conversed with his partner about the arrest.

“I don’t even know why we pulled him over,” the officer said.

“Just put cocaine test,” another replied. “That’s what you write on the summons.”

Response to the video on World Star Hip Hop was varied, with many outraged over the actions of the police officers.

“And then they cut his camera off?! they going to have to start making cameras a part of the dash now. Cops outta line,” user Philrichjr wrote.

Do you think the officers had cause to arrest the driver?

Sources: World Star Hip Hop, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via YouTube


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