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Watch: Driver Says 'I Don't Care' After Swerving Into Motorcyclist (Video)


A driver was caught on camera (below) hitting a motorcyclist with his car while passing him on a two-lane road. 

In the video, motorcyclist Eric Sanders — who posted the video online after receiving it from a fellow motorcyclist who filmed from his helmet camera — is seen at about 1 minute and 40 seconds into the clip attempting to pass a white car. 

As Sanders moves into the opposite lane to pass the car, the driver swerves and knocks both him and his girlfriend off the bike. The cameraman pulls over and rushes to Sanders’ aid.

Other drivers on the road are also seen pulling over to help.

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The cameraman then approaches the white car, which is pulled over a short way ahead. He confronts the driver for hitting Sanders, and the driver responds by saying he doesn’t care. 

The driver attempts to say that the reason he swerved was because he was “stung by a wasp,” but his response is followed by several more “I don’t care” comments. 

According to an Oct. 18 Facebook post by Sanders, who sustained road rash from the wreck, the driver was not arrested but will be “prosecuted” for the incident, LaneSplitter reports. His girlfriend was taken to a nearby hospital where she underwent surgery for an arm injury.

The caption of the video notes that the driver should have never "used his car as a weapon." It is also noted that the driver will be charged with attempted murders and the rider will receive a ticket for attempting to pass the car in a two-lane road.

Watch the shocking clip below.

Sources: LaneSplitter, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube


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