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'I Deserved That': Teen Bully Punished By Father 'Learned From His Mistake'

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A Green Bay, Wisconsin, teen bully, whose father punished him with a 4:00 a.m. workout regimen, chores and yard work in the freezing cold weather, as well as a public admission of his bullying, has, according to his father, learned his lesson.

When Timothy Robenhorst found out that his son, Kayden Robenhorst, had been bullying a fellow student verbally and physically, he took measures into his own hands to make sure his son knew never to treat someone that way again. Timothy surprised his son with the intense punishment before dawn, instructing him to do 50 knuckle push-ups, then run a mile before returning for incline push-ups. He was then told to do yard work.

To top it all off, Timothy made his son pose for a photo holding a sign that spelled out what he did and what his punishment was. The father posted it on Facebook and also required Kayden to set it as his profile and cover picture.

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The photo later went viral and was shared thousands of times across social media.

“It was stupid of me — I saw a kid and said a stupid, random comment,” Kayden said. “When he found [out], he woke me up at 3:30 in the morning, and he sat me down on the couch. And when I didn't come up with a good enough excuse to save my butt, I told the truth. He made me do 50 knuckle push-ups, run a mile, then come back and do incline push-ups. And I'm still not done. I think it's a really good punishment — I learned my lesson and he's a good dad for doing it.”

Timothy initially planned for his son to apologize to the student in the middle of class, but the school reportedly felt a more appropriate setting would be a private meeting.

“He actually has said 'Thank you, I deserved that, I understand it was wrong.' I believe he also apologized to the child another time the other day,” Timothy said. “He didn't question his punishment — he had a look on his face, you can see he wasn't very happy when he was getting his picture taken — but it's been successful. And seeing it go around the way it's been going around — I would do anything to put this out there and say 'Hey, don't let your child get away with this crap.' Even small bullying can turn into something big.”

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