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'I Can't Hear You': Toronto Man Confronts Car Dealership Employee Who Damaged His Car (Video)

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A man in Canada was outraged after a Honda employee refused to admit to damaging his car — and then acting like he couldn’t hear him (video below).

In a video of the confrontation posted to YouTube, the customer can be seen summarizing the situation while filming two Toronto, Ontario dealership employees.

“So my car’s damaged, and you guys are saying it’s ready to go,” the customer said.

“If you’re taping, it’s illegal too,” the employee responds.

The customer then asks the employee to admit to the damage, and the employee begins to act as if he can’t hear him.

“I can’t hear you,” the employee says several times.

“The very first thing I did was inspect the front bumper, and what do I see?” the customer explained, according to The News Wheel. "A 4-5 inch deep scratch and what I believe is a dent. So I go inside, end up filming this video and another where I was in a screaming match with a manager.

“I was denied a rental car (until my car was fixed) and denied written or video-recorded acknowledgment of the damage done to my car while in their possession. After loudly fighting with the manager for 5 minutes (which is video recorded), he tells me to 'disappear' and go get a rental at the end of the video.”

Watch the confrontation below.

Sources: YouTube, The News Wheel / Photo credit: YouTube

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