"I Beat The **** Out Of Him!" Brags Sophia Body, 28, Of Screwdriver Attack On 82-Year-Old Chicago Man


“Yeah, I pulled his ass out of the car and beat the f*** out of him!”

That was the confession reportedly blurted out on the scene by a 28-year-old woman who stands charged with attempted murder for her ruthless attack on an 82-year-old man in Chicago last Thursday.

Sophia Body bragged about beating the elderly man after she and a friend flagged him down for some reason, but he accidentally bumped one of them with his vehicle. Body is being held on $2 million bail. Her companion, 38, was not facing any charges as of Sunday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Police got a call about the assault on the 900 block of East 79th Street on the Chicago’s South Side while it was still going on. They pulled up and found the elderly man, whose name has not been made public, bleeding from the side of the head. He also had cuts on his back.

He was treated at a hospital where appeared to be stable.

The man apparently did not realize that his vehicle had bumped one of the women, neither of whom were injured in the incident. He told police that the women appeared to need help, so he pulled over to assist them. But when he parked his car, he was dragged from the vehicle and attacked.

Police said that some of his injuries were inflicted with a screwdriver, which they found at the scene of the attack.

Surveillance video from a nearby convenience store helped investigators put together what actually happened in the incident.

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Body (pictured) is charged with aggravated battery of a senior citizen.

SOURCES: Chicago Tribune, NBC 5 Chicago


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