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Hypocrisy Watch: Green for Me but Not for Thee

The Dead Tree Edition blog has done extensive work* on the issue of pulp and paper companies operating in America sticking their hands out for a heaping helping of taxpayer funds in the form of “black liquor” tax credits.

The companies have reaped billions directly out of the U.S. Treasury ostensibly for environmental care when in reality they are burning a mixture of pulp byproducts and diesel.

When American companies were taking in this vast subsidy, the United Steelworkers were pleased as punch. But they are now complaining of foreign attempts to support green innovation. DTE calls it “One Person’s (or Country’s) Jobs and Energy Program Is Another’s Unfair Subsidy.”

So we know a lot of environmentalists have been grossly offended by the black liquor tax credits. Now we know the Steelworkers love of “green” only covers what goes in the union’s coffers.

*For more on DTE’s long-running coverage of the “black liquor” green boondoggle, see here.

Andrew Langer is president of the Institute for Liberty, which recently founded Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity.


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