Hypnotist Derren Brown Plans to Turn Straight Man into Homosexual

UK hypnotist and illusionist Derren Brown, who came out four years ago, is planning to turn a straight man gay on TV.

"It would be interesting, wouldn't it?" Brown asked The Sun. "To take a gay guy and make him straight, and a straight guy and make him gay."

Brown, who uses hypnotism to get people to do outrageous things, has been criticized in the past, but says he doesn't mind: "Controversy has never interested me for its own sake. It's always been about doing stuff that feels dramatic."

Brown once convinced an audience that the world had been devastated by meteors and taken over by zombies. He made another audience think they were stuck to their seats. He has performed Russian Roulette live, and he has convinced members of his audience to take part in the robbery of an armored security van.

Speaking to the Gay Times, Derren said he has no plans to get married to his long-term partner despite the proposed changes to UK marriage laws to allow same-sex couples to wed.

Source:The Sun


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