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Hydraulic Hybrid School Bus Prototype to Debut in Atlanta

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In brief: Ford, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Atlanta Public School System have joined forces to build a hydraulic hybrid school bus.

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The buses donated by APS are nearing completion as they are retrofitted with a hydraulic hybrid system designed and built by the Georgia Institute of Technology with funding from the Ford Motor Company Fund.

The $50,000 project is aimed at lowering the fuel usage of the buses while providing a sustainable, cost-effective way of doing so.

The American School Bus Council says there are 480,000 school buses in operation in the U.S. and they drive about 5.74 million miles annually using 822 million gallons of fuel to do it.

The GIT and APS believe that the HHV bus will be capable of saving 25-35% of its fuel thanks to the hydraulics.

And so ...

Those savings would be in line with those achieved by Eaton and others in their HHV conversions of UPS package trucks, garbage trucks, etc.

Photo credits: Atlanta Public Schools


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