Wife's Disturbing Behavior Caught On Camera (Video)


An Indian man's suspicions were confirmed when he installed a surveillance camera in his mother's bedroom and caught his wife doing something shocking (video below).

Sandeep Jain of Uttar Pradesh, India, installed a surveillance camera in his home to "expose" his wife, whom he believed had been physically abusing his mother throughout their seven years of marriage.

Sandeep's wife, Sangeeta Jain, has been arrested for the attempted murder of her mother-in-law, Raj Rani Jain, after surveillance footage captured her beating and strangling the 70-year-old.

"She was always like this," Sandeep told NDTV. "I waited for a year and then thought of installing a CCTV camera to expose her."

According to Rare, police said that there had been "a lot of infighting in the family between the husband, wife, and mother-in-law."

In the surveillance footage, Sangeeta can be seen strangling her mother-in-law with a sheet, hitting her in the head, and beating her with a stone.

Saengeeta Jain denied the abuse and claimed that the video was faked in order to "ruin" her.

"They made this fake video to ruin me," Sangeeta told NDTV. "They beat me so many times... there is no video of that."

An investigation is underway.

Sources: RareNDTV, Big Video/YouTube / Photo credit: Big Video/YouTube

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