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Husband's Dead Wife Turns Up On TV 2 Years After Burial

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The widower of a woman who was supposedly killed in a car accident was shocked when she showed up on a popular TV program in Morocco.

Doctors at the Ibn Rochd hospital in Casablanca told Abragh Mohamed his wife would not survive her injuries from a road crash, but that he and the family were still required to pay the medial bills, according to The Independent.

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“I had to receive her body, apparently wrapped in a shroud and coffin already inside,” Mohamed told Spanish outlet Nuevo Dia. The woman was buried in their hometown in 2014.

Two years after her “death,” family members were watching a TV show called “Al Mokhtafoun [Disappeared].” The popular Moroccan program’s premise is about rejoining loved ones who have lost contact over the years.

During the show, Mohamed’s “dead” wife called in, saying she had lost touch with her husband and gave his name and former address, reported The Mirror.

Although the husband wasn’t watching the show, his friends were and informed him about the discovery.

The incident sparked a social media storm after it was revealed that Mohamed did indeed bury a different woman at the funeral.

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"I did not know it was a different body that we buried and my wife was still alive," he told Spanish media.

Now people are asking what happened in the first place, where the wife has been, and why it took her two years to get in touch with her husband.

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A popular theory is that she suffered from memory loss.

Medical or administrative ineptitude have been blamed for the tragedy, Nuevo Dia reported via The Independent.

Sources: The Independent, The Mirror / Photo credit: Screenshot of TV show "Al Mokhtafoun" via The Independent

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