Husband's Reaction To Wife's Big Secret Quickly Goes Viral (Video)


A woman who has suffered four miscarriages and one stillborn birth wanted to give the news that she is five months pregnant to her husband in a very special way. She succeeds, and his reaction to the news is priceless (video below).

Five years ago, Dana Griffin-Graves and her husband, Arkell Graves, decided to stop trying to have a family. After 17 years, four miscarriages, and a stillborn birth at six months, they thought having a family was not part of their future.

“It just didn’t work out, so we kind of gave up,” Griffin-Graves told BuzzFeed.

Recently, Griffin-Graves noticed she was not losing weight like her friends from their walks. To her surprise, she was nearly five months pregnant.

The pregnancy was confirmed by a doctor and that got Griffin-Graves’s mind working as to how to break the news to Graves.

“I was ecstatic,” she said. “We hadn’t planned anything, we weren’t trying.”

Griffin-Graves decided to place buns in the oven with the baby’s ultrasound photo and secretly record Graves's reaction. She would later show the video to their family.

Her husband's reaction, as captured in the video, is simply fantastic.

“What’s in the oven?” he asks Griffin-Graves as he opens it.

He jumps back, stares at her speechless for a few seconds, and exclaims, “You’re pregnant!”

Griffin-Graves does not respond and silence fills the air, along with Graves’s huge smile.

“You’re pregnant,” he says again.

Griffin-Graves explains that her pregnancy is why she could not lose weight and then tells him she is almost five months along.

“Come here,” Graves says, outstretching his hands to hug her.

She tells him it is a boy, and he reacts by covering his face with his T-shirt and crying tears of joy.

“His reaction was just priceless,” Griffin-Graves told WRIC. “I wasn’t expecting that at all. I knew that he would probably be emotional but I definitely was not expecting the reaction I received.”

“I’ve never been that excited before in my life and I mean not mainly for myself, for her,” Graves added.

The video has been viewed more than 5.5 million times and people are now noticing Graves in public.

“A lady just came up to me and said you’re the big guy who was on there crying,” Graves said. “Everything is going to be ok. I’m praying for you. You know in these times we need prayer. So I will take all the prayers I don’t care how they come.”

“It shows that God is able to do any and all things and so I’m grateful and I said if it can help someone else and give them hope that it can happen, then you know that’s what it’s about,” Griffin-Graves added.

Griffin-Graves told Buzzfeed she is shocked the video has been so popular because she only sent the link to eight people.

Sources: BuzzFeedWRIC / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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