Husband Viciously Attacks Another Man For Allegedly Talking To His Wife (Video)


One man severely beat another man and the reason for the attack is because the victim allegedly spoke to the other man’s wife. The disturbing incident is captured on video.

The attack reportedly took place in Saudi Arabia where an Asian man was beaten by a Saudi man, according to Mail Online, which reports that according to the English service of news site Al Arabiya, the Saudi man is allegedly accusing the other man of talking to his wife.

Human rights activists are very disturbed by the video, which reportedly shows the Saudi man using a belt to whip the Asian man multiple times. The Saudi man then appears to grab the Asian man by his throat and force him up against a wall before the beating continues.

The Times of India reports that Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Commission is looking into the incident.

"The beating has led the Saudi's human rights authority to receive multiple complaints by viewers calling for the perpetrator to be punished," spokesperson Ibrahim al-Shadi said.

Shadi also noted that the beating was a flagrant violation of the victim's rights to safety and dignity and that regardless of why the man was allegedly assaulted, the perpetrator's actions did not abide by state- enforced rules on the protection of human rights.

The following video contains graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sources: Mail Online, The Times of India


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