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Husband Uses Fake Mobsters To Trick Wife Into Funding Trips, Sprees With Mistress

A New York woman is suing her husband and his mistress for almost $10 million after discovering that the duo conned her into funding almost $700,000 in exotic trips and gifts.

The woman is 39-year-old Candice Lalicata. She and her husband Steven Lalicata were married in 2010 after meeting at Steven’s tanning salon. They were attracted to each other from the start, but Steven became extra interested in Candice once he found out she’d inherited a large trust fund.

Within a few years, their marriage was falling apart. Not only was Steven always gone, but he seemed to have problems with New York mobsters as well. On multiple occasions Candice was told mobsters needed money from Candice or else her husband would be kidnapped or killed. Candice event went so far as too stuff $150,000 in a bag and turn the bag over to alleged mobsters in exchange for her husband.

But as Candice has now found out, there were no real mobsters involved. The entire act was a setup that allowed Steven and his mistress to fund their trips and sprees together.

On December 28th, Steven emailed Candice asking her to quit texting his mistress about their affair.

“Stop texting this girl. She’s psycho and disgusting. What don’t u get? I’m not with her,” the email said. “Her family dum (sic) immigrants. I’m too fly for u both.”

But after being duped so many times before, Candice has learned not to trust her husband’s words. She hired a private investigator who quickly spotted Steven and the mistress together.

After having nearly $1 million stolen from her, Candica Lalicata is suing to ensure Steven and his crew don’t prey on others in the future.

“I am concerned that these people may prey on other victims,” she said. “ I believe that they brought me and my young son into their confidences solely from the get go to steal as much money as they could from me."

Sources: New York Daily News, NY Post


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