Husband Tortured, Killed Wife For Not Being Able To Make Couscous

A man in Switzerland who tortured and killed his wife in their apartment because she "did not know how to cook couscous" was sentenced to life in prison Thursday.

When the 47-year-old from Tunisia attacked his wife in April 2010, her body was so badly injured that she had to be identified through dental records.

The court said the victim was tied up, gagged, raped, stabbed 15 times and shot in the face with an air gun.

He later accused her of being neglectful of their two daughters, aged 9 and 12, and not being able to cook couscous.

After the murder he washed up, changed clothes and had a meal with his daughters. He allegedly told them their mother was out, The Local reported.

The judge called it a "monstrous" crime filled with "barbarism, cruelty and determination.”

The man was sentenced to life and ordered to pay his daughters each 80,000 francs in damages.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Local


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