Husband Tasered Wife After Winning Football Bet, She Agreed, He Gets Arrested


John Grant was arrested last night after he allegedly used a stun gun on his wife, with permission, to settle a Monday Night Football bet in Mayville, Wis.

According to the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, police responded to a call from Grant's wife, Nicole, who said he used the stun gun on her three times at the Sidelines Tap bar.

John reportedly told police that he and his wife had made a bet on the Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears game. The bet was that if the Packers lost, John would be able to taser his precious wife for three seconds.

Nicole claimed he used the stun gun on her three times, twice on her rear end and once on her thigh. She also claimed there were burn marks, but refused medical care.

After the football game, the couple walked back to their semi-truck where John tossed out his wife's dog and refused to let her in. That's when she called the police, notes The Smoking Gun.

According to the police report, a cell phone video showed her “standing still with her arms up and the male subject applies the Taser to her. In the video, Ms. Grant is seen laughing and it seemed apparent that Ms. Grant had consented.”

However, Nicole told police that she didn't think her husband would follow through on the bet.

“Hell, yeah it hurt,” Nicole told the cops.

After searching the semi-truck, police officers found a black stun gun without a conceal and carry permit.

The police report said that John claimed he bought “several Tasers at a truck stop in Virginia,” but didn't know he needed the conceal and carry permit in Wisconsin.

John was not charged for zapping his dear wife, but was charged with possession of an electric weapon, which could mean to $10,000 in fines and up to six years in prison, if he is convicted.

Sources: Beaver Dam Daily Citizen and The Smoking Gun


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