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Husband Steven Johnson Dismember Wife in Minnesota

Steven R. Johnson, 34,  has been arrested after allegedly shooting his wife, Manya, 32, to death in their home in St. Paul, Minn. But the gruesome act didn't stop there. Johnson then took his wife's body into the shower, where he used a saw to dismember her, possibly in the presence of the couple's 18-month-old son.

He drove to a friend's home ten miles north and threw the pieces in plastic bins in the friend's garage. He soon confessed to his friend what had happened and the police were called.

Authorities charged Johnson with second-degree murder on Wednesday and set bail at two million dollars.

When authorities first arrived at his home, Johnson claimed he too was searching for his wife. However, after arrest he confessed the crime, telling police he had been drinking. He claims Manya threatened she would leave him and take their child.

The couple were married in 2009 and according to neighbors were "the perfect couple".

 Johnson has already served 12 years in prison for raping a woman and threatening to kill her. He was released in 2008. Now he's going right back where he belongs, and it doesn't look like this time there will be any chance of release.

 “A beautiful young mother lost her life,” said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi , “and I think one of the saddest parts of this case for me is the 18-month-old boy who is without a mom and will likely be without a father for a very, very long time.”


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