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Husband, Son Leave Leukemia Patient Message In Snow

A son and husband teamed up Sunday morning to leave a heartwarming snow message on the roof of a Chicago hospital parking garage.

“HI MOM GOD BLESS U!” the message, written in snow, reads from a room at Rush University Medical Center.

Tim Hart and his 14-year-old son Will wrote the message for Hart’s wife, who is fighting leukemia.

After finishing the message, Will called his mother and asked her to look out the window. With the help of a nurse, Sharon Hart got out of bed and saw the message outside.

“It was uplifting and it was a proud mom moment to think that my 14-year-old son would do this,” Sharon Hart said.

The message could be seen from 70 hospital rooms across four floors, encouraging both medical staff and patients.

Angela Washek, a nurse at the medical center, said that it was nice to see the good side of health care.

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Sources: CNN, NY Daily News


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