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Husband Shoots, Kills Wife Over Shoe Argument

Tennessee man James Cothran shot and killed his wife Wednesday after she threatened him with a knife for not removing his shoes.

Cothran told officers he had been watching TV when his wife walked into the living room and asked him to remove his shoes. Apparently, the shoes had belonged to Mrs. Cothran’s father, who had died 30 years ago.

When her husband refused to remove the shoes, Mrs. Cothran charged at him with the knife in hand and a “crazy look in her eyes”, according to Mr. Cothran.

In self defense, Mr. Cothran grabbed the .22 Magnum revolver at his side and fired it at her.

When Mr. Cothran called 911 and the dispatcher asked him to perform CPR, Cothran replied that he couldn’t.

“Right now I can’t do anything,” he said. “I’m so sorry.”

Mrs. Cothran was still breathing when police arrived at her home, but died later on Thanksgiving Day.

Mr. Cothran was detained, but later released under the claim of self-defense.

Police reported that they had been called to the home at least a dozen times within the year because of domestic incidents, but that no arrests were made or injuries reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, Raw Story


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