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Husband Scatters Wife's Ashes With Fireworks Display

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After his wife Annette died of cancer at the age of 55 this year, Gary Maunder wanted to give her a fitting farewell.

Maunder had Annette’s ashes mixed into a box of multiple fireworks that were then launched into the sky as he and a group of family and friends looked on. The fireworks display lasted about two minutes, with a dazzling array of different types of explosions crafted by an Essex-based firm called Heavenly Stars Fireworks. The company specializes in the scattering of ashes and celebration of life via fireworks displays. 

According to Metro, the fireworks display was Annette’s own idea. Gary concurred that his wife would’ve enjoyed the display.

“She would have loved it. It’s a good way to send her off,” he said, “Our 13 years of marriage was the best 13 years of my life. We won the battle but lost the war. She was a keeper.”

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The fireworks were launched as part of Annette’s memorial service, which took place at Devonport Park in Plymouth, England. According to the Daily Mail, funeral arranger Hayley Pell acknowledged how the fireworks helped make the occasion a celebration of Annette’s life.

“In many cultures the funeral is an occasion that brings the whole community together in a grand celebration of a person’s life. Gary decided to do just that and, with the help of myself, Annette’s ashes have been interred into a firework. This is a fitting tribute and a great final farewell to Annette.” 

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