Husband Says Mother Who Murdered His Children Should Receive Treatment For Psychosis, Not Prison


A Superior Court judge found Californian Mother Carol Ann Coronado, 32, guilty of murdering her three children.

On May 20, 2014 Coronado slit the throats and stabbed the hearts of her daughters with a butcher knife, the Daily Mail reports. The youngest, Xenia, was 2 months old, while Yazmine and Sophia were 16 months and 2 years old, respectively. 

"It tears me apart because it’s my little girls that I lost. I lost my whole family, my three little girls," her husband, Rudy Coronado, told The Daily Breeze.

Coronado had also reportedly planned to kill her husband. She was interrupted by the arrival of her Mother, Julie Piercey, who ran to the children's Father's workplace nearby.

Upon their return, the 32-year-old Mother stabbed herself in front of them, but survived the suicide attempt.

Prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Emily Spear argued that Coronado planned to murder her family because she felt trapped. Her husband wanted a divorce and was not helping her enough with the children, Spear said.

“She has a clear motive,” Spear told the judge. “She hurt [her husband] the only way she can. She takes out his children.”

However, Coronado's husband does not believe she should receive a prison sentence, and testified on her behalf December 1. He says she was suffering from postpartum psychosis and should receive treatment instead.

"[She] didn’t mean to do that. I strongly believe that. She lost her mind," he said. "I haven't actually said I forgive her, but I have told her that I do understand her mental state," Coronado's husband added.

A hearing to determine whether or not Coronado was sane when she killed her children began December 1.

Coronado’s attorney, Stephen Allen, said doctors will testify to show Coronado was experiencing postpartum psychosis. Earlier in the trial he also mentioned that Coronado was raped when she was younger.

"She truly needed help and no one was there to help her,” Coronado's attorney said.

If she is deemed insane at the time of the murders, she could be sent to a state mental hospital with a chance of being released one day.

If deemed sane, however, she will face a life sentence in prison.  

Sources: Daily Mail and The Daily Breeze /Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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