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Husband Notices Pair Of Shoes Near His Kitchen, Makes Unexpected Discovery In Next Room

A New Hampshire man has been detained after falling asleep in the spare bedroom of a house he had just allegedly burglarized.

Renaud “Junior” Plaisir, 28, was taken into custody Tuesday morning following the incident, which occurred at a Manchester home belonging to John and Elinor Terrell.

“John woke me up and said there is a guy asleep in the blue bedroom," Elinor explained to FOX25. "And I said, are you sure? And he said, 'here are his sneakers!’”

After raiding the house, Plaisir had eaten some chicken wings from the fridge before leaving his shoes in the hallway where John found them.

“He must have been here several minutes, all the drawers were open, and upstairs it was the same thing,” Elinor commented.

Plaisir was found with a knife tucked into his back pocket, and a collection of stolen items surrounding him. Apart from drawers and cabinets, Elinor said he had taken items from John’s office and briefcase. He took over $100 in cash and two bottles of cologne, according to WMUR.

“What was really scary, he got my husband’s wallet, which was by the side of the bed, so he walked in on us asleep,” she told WMUR. "I can’t believe we slept through it.”

“I guess we were his last hit of the night and I guess he was tired, and he laid down and went to sleep,” Elinor stated to Fox25.

Police found further stolen goods in a backpack Plaisir was carrying, including credit cards, Fox25 reported. They are investigating links to other crimes, according to WMUR.

Plaisir appeared in court Tuesday on burglary charges and is being held on a bond of $25,000.

Sources: Fox25Fox NewsWMUR

Photo Credit: Fox News


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