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Husband Manages To Catch Suicidal Wife As She Jumps From Chinese Tower Block

A husband was able to catch his suicidal wife just before she decided to take her own life by jumping from the balcony of a Chinese tower block.

The man managed to grab hold of the distraught woman as she hung over the fourth floor balcony in Changjiang, southern China's Hainan Island.

The woman’s husband says they were both arguing when his wife suddenly went to jump from the balcony.

He was able to grab one of her legs as he ran forward, which left her suspended over the drop below with her pants pulled off.

The husband was also able to hold onto her for 10 minutes while emergency services got there.

When firefighters arrived, they grabbed hold of the woman and slowly pulled her up by the legs back on the floor.

The wife’s worried family and friends reportedly consoled her before being taken to the hospital.

A similar situation occurred in Changchun in August, but this time the wife of a suicidal man prevented him from falling to his death by grabbing his leg after he jumped out of the sixth-floor window of their apartment.

She was able to hold on to him for 20 minutes before police arrived at the scene. He was pulled in to safety, just as his wife’s arms began to get tired.

The 45-year-old man had allegedly experienced work-related stress, headaches and “delusions,” which was his motive for jumping.

Sources: Daily Mail, Gawker


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