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Husband Makes Troubling Discovery In Wife's Snapchat Pic (Photo)

A couple’s alleged interaction on the popular picture messaging app Snapchat may have caused the end of a marriage.

The woman, identified only as Chelsea, was sending some intimate pictures to her husband, the Mirror reported.

The first message was a picture of Chelsea in her underwear with a caption that read, “Hotel room! Going to sleep soon.”

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Chelsea then sent another photo captioned, “One more before bed.”

The husband was suspicious. He texted Chelsea and asked her who was in the hotel room with her. She responded that she was alone and that she had set the camera on a timer.

But Chelsea was not in the clear yet.

The husband noticed something in the second picture that raised a red flag: another man’s boots. He then threatened to take legal action.

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While it makes for a funny story, it's not clear if this is a genuine exchange between Chelsea and her husband. There is no clear source for the original pictures other than Snapchat.

Sources: MirrorYahoo News / Photo credit: Yahoo News


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