Husband John Grant Tasers Wife Nicole After She Lost Monday Night Football (Video)


John Grant, 42, a Bears fan, and his wife Nicole, a Packers fan, decided to make things a little interesting at last Monday’s Bears-Packers game in a Wisconsin bar.

The couple decided that whoever’s team lost would be tasered by the winner. When the Bears won 27-20, the couple walked out to the alleyway with Nicole ready to get shocked.

The video shows as Nicole laughs at first, but then collapses to the floor after the first shock -- shielding herself behind a friend’s legs in pain.

But her husband continues to shock her, twice, not realizing the pain Nicole is in. Nicole called the police after midnight on Tuesday. They arrested John for possessing a taser, which is illegal without a license in Wisconsin.

“The taser that he had was a skin contact taser which, if you use it enough times or in the same place, can actually leave burn marks,” Christopher MacNeill, chief of Mayville Police Department, said.

The husband and wife took a breathalyzer test and were both found to be over the limit of intoxication.

Nicole told police her husband had thrown their dog out of the semi-truck they were sharing as their home and then locked her out, too.

Meanwhile her husband told investigators the couple got into an argument because she had been smoking marijuana in the sports bar’s bathroom, saying her smoking hindered from keeping a job.

Nicole has now dropped all charges against her husband.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mayville Police Department


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