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Husband Forgives Pit Bull for Killing Pregnant Wife Darla Napora

Darla Napora, the 32-year-old pregnant Pacifica woman killed on Thursday, August 11, by her own pit bull is described as being an avid, long-time supporter and member of Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls [BAD RAP],”…a group that does its best to convince people that pit bulls aren't really that dangerous..,”   according to

Her husband, Greg, says he plans to have the pit bull’s ashes buried with his wife.

​Greg Napora says when he left home at 8:00 a.m. his pregnant wife was asleep and the couple’s two unaltered pit bulls a—a two-year-old male, Gunner, and six-year-old female, Tazi—were in bed with her.  He returned home about 12:15 p.m. from his construction job to take Darla to lunch and found Gunner in the living room, covered with blood and standing over the mauled, lifeless body of his wife.

A neighbor said the couple got Gunner when he was a puppy and she believed neutering him might have avoided this attack.

Darla’s mother, Sandy Robinson, of Seattle, WA, told Mercury News that her daughter “…was ecstatic about being pregnant with the couple’s first child.”  She said Darla and Greg had declined to know the gender of the child.  She described Darla as “the heart of the family,” and said, “She was the one who held the family together.”

The reports Darla was in her sixth month of pregnancy and that the couple had been married about two years.

A native of Yakima, WA, Darla Napora worked behind a bar since coming to the Bay Area more than 11 years ago. She now managed the bar at the high-end 231 Ellsworth Restaurant in San Mateo, and also sold wine for a brokerage.  The general manager of the restaurant said Darla worked almost every night of the week, according to Mercury

Reuters reports that the police stated on Monday, “Preliminary autopsy results show that a pregnant San Francisco-area woman who was killed by her pit bull died from blood loss and shock.”

Impressions taken from both dogs show that all of Napora's injuries were consistent with bites from Gunner and that there was no evidence that the female dog, Tazi, took part in the attack, according to the police report.

Greg Napora says that he forgives Gunner for killing his wife and unborn child because it was “just a freak accident…They (their two pit bulls) are the most loving animals I have ever had in my life. Whatever happened right now was not the breed’s fault."

A necropsy will be performed on Gunner for signs of illness or other possible causes for the attack. Pacifica Police announced they are also investigating the slight possibility of foul play by other unknown parties while they are waiting for the results of an autopsy for Darla Napora. Captain Dave Bertini said, " never know, so that is why we are waiting for the reports to make sure we didn't miss anything."   Police expect the results of both the autopsy and necropsy to be completed within three weeks.

In the meantime, Greg Napora picked up six-year-old Tazi from Peninsula Humane Society late Monday afternoon, according to Pacifica Patch.

“We needed to know that the second dog was not involved in the attack before we decided to return it to its owner,” Peninsula Humane Association spokesperson Scott Delucchi said. “We also wanted to hear that the owner wanted the dog back.”

“The Humane Society learned early on, soon after his wife’s death, that Greg Napora wanted Tazi back,” states Patch reporter Camden Swita.

Delucchi stated that Tazi had been observed at the Humane Society for signs of aggression. There was no indication that she had been involved in the attack, Delucchi said. She was checked for signs of abuse. There were records of regular veterinary care.  Both dogs were licensed in San Mateo County.  Inquiries were made to neighbors who said there was no indication that the dogs were neglected, so the Humane Society had to give the dog back to her owner

“You can never predict future behavior (of dogs),” Delucchi said. “We cannot say for sure we know what a dog will do. We can only judge the grounds for holding a dog; we had no legal authority.” 

He also said that he understands the safety concerns of neighbors who have reported they are uncomfortable with the dog’s release back into the community.

 “But I also think of someone who loses his wife, unborn child and other dog in one day,” Delucchi said. “So maybe that second dog is all he’s got. So, we’re trying to think about it that way. I’m asking people to be compassionate.”

 When asked about his opinion on pit bull bans and whether the breed is inherently dangerous, Delucchi replied his organization sees the problem “primarily lying with the owner.”

If that is true, should this dog be released back to Greg Napora?


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