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Man Who Was 'Humiliated About His Erectile Dysfunction' Hacks His Wife Into Pieces

A 63-year-old man from Taiwan faces life in prison after he allegedly hacked his wife to death with a meat cleaver because she made fun of his inability to get an erection.

Chang Yi-hsin reportedly killed 59-year-old Lin Yue-gui at their family home during an argument in which she poked fun at him for having to use Viagra because he suffers from erectile dysfunction and said the only thing his penis is good for is "using the toilet," reports the Daily Mail. Chang then went into the kitchen, took a meat cleaver, and stabbed his wife with it before hacking up her body into little pieces, according to police.

He then went outside and attempted to commit suicide by lying underneath a garage's rolling door. Instead of killing him, the door pinned him to the ground.

Chang called the fire brigade to help him out. When they arrived, he told them he was depressed and trying to kill himself. At first, police say he failed to mention he had hacked Lin to death in their living room. Then, he reportedly casually said he stabbed her and told them, "I hope she's not too badly injured."

Lin was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

"She suffered terrible injuries to her head and back resulting in severe loss of blood," said a hospital spokesperson. 

Chang ultimately pleaded guilty to murder and could spend the rest of his days behind bars. 

A police spokesman said, "He deeply regrets what happened but says he did it because he felt humiliated about his erectile dysfunction."

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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