Husband Considering Divorce After Wife Eats Oreo Filling And Puts Cookies Back In Box


A hungry wife who ate the cream filling from a box of Oreos and then put the cookies back in the box is in trouble with her husband. Reddit user showtunesaboutbacon posted a photo of the empty cookie box with the caption, “Ate the cream from the oreo and put the cookies back in the bag — Woke up to find this note ... I'm a monster.” The photo also includes a handwritten note, presumably from her husband, that simply reads: “Considering divorce.”

Other Reddit users then began to comment on the situation, The Inquisitr reported.

One user wrote, “OP is lucky that she found that note and not the actual divorce papers. Really dodged a bullet there.”

Another posted, “Kind of figured OP was a woman just based on how terrible the spouse's handwriting was. At first glance it looked like ‘I'm conslooling divorce.’ Man handwriting.”

Some users got angry about the photo.

“I have a buddy who’s [sic] sister does this," one user said. "The first time he told me about it I got all kinds of frustrated. I don’t even know why. I cannot wrap my mind around how someone thinks that this OK,” before labeling the woman “the worst kind of person.”

Click here to see the photo.

Sources: The Inquisitr, Reddit


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