Woman Discovers Her Husband Was Stalking Her For Nine Years


A Utah man has been arrested for allegedly stalking his wife for nine years.

The incident began 10 years ago when the man discovered that his wife had been having an affair, The Daily Mail reports. He then allegedly began sending her a series of anonymous emails threatening violent physical and sexual harm towards her. Some days she would receive up to 40 emails, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

When the wife and mother-of-three decided to report the threatening messages to the police, she discovered that the messages had been coming from her husband the entire time.

According to charging documents, the man also allegedly created multiple fake email accounts in order to harass his wife.

Law enforcement officials arrested the husband and he reportedly admitted to his crimes. He is now facing 10 counts of stalking and has yet to make a statement on the issue. He is scheduled to appear back in court in August.

The couple is now separated and the wife has since issued an order of protection against her husband.

Upon hearing the story, several took to Facebook to voice their concerns and opinions on the matter.

“It’s a lot more complicated than getting a new email and blocking him,” one user wrote. “ … Domestic abuse comes in many ways; stalking, controlling, verbally, emotionally etc. … She’s lucky she got out before it turned physical.” 

The husband is due back in court in August.

Source: The Daily Herald on Facebook,The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Joe Gratz/Flickr


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