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Man Calls 911 After Overhearing Wife's Kidnapping

A Florida husband called the police after reportedly hearing somebody kidnap his wife at gunpoint on a Bluetooth device on May 3.

Priscilla Cercone, 49, had just picked up the mail and was sitting in her car in front of their couple’s house in Hollywood, Florida, while talking to her husband on the Bluetooth earpiece when the kidnapper approached, ABC News reports.

Bernard Owens, 21, reportedly pointed a handgun at Cercone and "ordered her to open the back door of her car or he would kill her.”

A terrified Cercone did just that, before he allegedly ordered her again to start driving.

With gun still pointed at her head, Owens demanded she give him money. When she explained she didn’t have any on her, he forced her to drive to a local ATM, reports the SunSentinel.

There, she took out $400 and handed it to Owens who then made her drive back to her home to hand over her valuables, her affidavit says.

"While this entire thing was happening, this incident, her husband was still on the Bluetooth and [Owens] was not aware of that," Detective Kristopher Doyle said, the SunSentinel reports. "Her husband, I'm assuming, put two and two together and realized something was going on because he hung up and contacted the police."

By the time Cercone and Owens arrived back at the home, police were already there and arrested Owens.

"She bravely drives down the street toward the police and hops out of the moving car," Doyle said. "She jumped out and he also jumped out."

Authorities found $649 and the victim’s cellphone in Owen’s possession.

The man is now facing various robbery and assault-related charges and is currently in jail without bail. In 2013, Owens was sentenced to one year in jail for armed robbery.

"I just had to be calm and brave and just get it over with,” said Cercone, reports WBFS News.

“I knew I could not die like this,” she said. “I am so happy to be alive.”

Sources: ABC News, SunSentinel, WBFS / Photo credit: Broward Sheriff's Office via WBFS

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