Husband Beats Wife with Spoon For Not Calling Him 'Sir'


Dan Kirby Kopp was found guilty on Tuesday of beating his wife with a wooden spoon because she did not call him "Sir" in front of their children, which he found "disrespectful."

Kopp's wife filmed him with an iPhone beating her in their Ephrata, Pa. home on Sept. 22, 2012.

The iPhone video shows Kopp giving his wife a "count of three to comply" and say "Yes, sir" in front of their scared kids, notes the Daily Mail.

Kopp also threatened to "cast the demons out" of his wife if she disobeyed again.

Court papers claimed that Kopp would put his wife over his knee and spank her so that she would "learn a lesson."

In Oct. 2012, she called the police and reported her husband.

According to, Kopp was convicted of misdemeanor stalking and harassment. It's not clear why he was not convicted or charged with assault.

A judge sentenced Kopp to 1 to 23 months in Lancaster County Prison with one year of parole.

Kopp is not allowed to contact his wife, and the couple must be 50 yards apart from each other during school and sporting events.

On Tuesday, Kopp posted on Facebook, "Yep today's the first day of my new life. What do you think God is going to do?"

Sources: and Daily Mail


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