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Husband Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Wife With Sex Slave Contract

A husband allegedly forced his wife to sign a sex slave contract so he could abuse her, using her diabetes medication as leverage.

Kenneth Harden, 32, has been charged with 38 felonies ranging from strangulation, rape, criminal confinement and domestic battery, reports WHAS11.

Police claim Harden forced his wife to sign a “sex slave” agreement wherein he is referred to as “master” and she “slave.” The 11-page “manual” outlined his role as master, her’s as slave, and “punishments.” It was signed by both Harden and his wife in June, reports The Daily Mail.

Harden allegedly bound his wife with ropes, forced her to wear a choke collar, and then raped her repeatedly.

The victim claims she would be tied to the bed for so long that at times she would urinate on herself. Court records show she would lose consciousness during torture sessions.

Harden’s wife said she could not leave because she “loved him” and also because he had control over her much-needed diabetes medication.

Harden's wife said he was "sweet" and "swept her off her feet" when they first met via Craigslist in July 2013. Not long after, Harden told her he was a sadist and he wanted to be her master.

Police arrested Harden after receiving a domestic disturbance call from the couple’s home. Harden was found on the sidewalk and his wife was inside the home crying.

Photo Source: Jackson County Jail/The Daily Mail


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