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Couple Involved In Child Rape Plot Released From Jail (Photos)

Couple Involved In Child Rape Plot Released From Jail (Photos) Promo Image

A husband and wife who allegedly plotted to drug and rape babies have been released from prison after serving half of their sentences.

Kevin Barnett and Susan Barnett reportedly discussed their disturbing plans on chat app WhatsApp with a second woman, Nikita Moore, also involved in the plot, according to Daily Mail.

Kevin, 28, suggested the group could drug children so that he could sexually assault them, while Susan, also 28, said she would comfort a child as they were being raped.  Moore, 22, said she thought about abusing children "all the time" in the disturbing exchange, according to The Sun.

The couple also allegedly shared pornographic images of children.

Moore had even talked about having a baby with Kevin for the pair to abuse, though the idea was eventually dismissed by prosecutors as just being a fantasy.

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Moore had started her affair with Kevin after Jason Baines, her long-term partner, committed suicide in 2013. Moore and Kevin's relationship reportedly ended when Moore found out he was also having an affair with another woman. Moore told Susan about the affair, and the two women became "really close" before moving in together.

Moore reportedly continued to message with Kevin about abusing children and shared child pornography.

Judge Christopher Cornwell summed up the case to the jury, saying, "You have heard the text exchange which no doubt disgusted you. We could go on and on with the disgust but the central question never goes away. Was there a conclusive agreement and was there an agreement that it should be put into action?"

The jury determined that there was an agreement, according to Crime Online.

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Kevin and Moore previously pleaded guilty to charges related to child pornography, and Susan had pleaded guilty to possessing pornography that depicted bestiality.

Kevin was sentenced to six years, while Moore was sentenced to four and Susan received a four-and-a-half-year sentence.

Detectives caught the trio thanks to a call related to a domestic dispute between Kevin and another woman not related to the case. When officers examined the man's phone, they discovered the chats with Moore and Susan.

All three convicts are reportedly free, and Kevin was reported to be seen in the Barrow area but the group is believed to have moved away since then. All three are on probation and will have to register as sex offenders.

Courts have not released information about why the trio was paroled early, but said a panel took factors including likelihood to re-offend, behavior in prison, and whether they are a danger to the public into consideration.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, Crime Online / Featured Image: Melina Sampaio Manfrinatti/Flickr / Embedded Images: Cascade News via Daily Mail

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