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Man Killed Wife After She Sold His Elvis Show Tickets

Paul Abbott, 56, has pleaded guilty to bludgeoning his wife, Jacqueline, to death with a hammer after a she sold his ticket to an Elvis Presley tribute band.

The couple fought at their home in Netherton, England, on Dec. 11 and Jacqueline was pronounced dead at the scene, reports Express & Star.

“[Jacqueline] and her husband were due to attend a performance of an Elvis tribute band that evening but Mr. Abbott had sold his ticket on eBay,” explained  Detective Sgt. Indi Basra to Express & Star. "An argument erupted and subsequently escalated.”

The Daily Mail says it was Jacqueline who sold Paul's ticket to the show.

A concerned neighbor called police after seeing Paul arguing with one of his sons who lived at the house, Martyn Abbott. “Police officers and paramedics attended the scene and got through to the back of the property where Mrs. Abbott was found in the back garden area. She had extensive and severe head injuries,” Basra said.

Martyn identified his mother’s body and Paul “admitted the offense and was charged with murder,” he said. 

It remains unclear if there was a history of problems in the marriage, but the couple had two sons and at least one grandchild. The Abbotts also owned a store together. 

People who knew the Abbotts told the Daily Mail that the couple loved Elvis. “[Jacqueline] was really into Elvis, there was loads of pictures of him around the home,” said one neighbor, who was not identified. “They were both big fans of him though. They went to loads of tribute nights and I think a couple of conventions too. But you would never think an argument over Elvis Presley would lead to a murder.”

Sources: Express & Star (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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