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Hurricane Sandy 'Frankenstorm' May Pound the U.S. East Coast Before Halloween

After dropping heavy rains in Jamaica and slamming the Bahamas, leaving 21 dead, Hurricane Sandy may possibly hit the East Coast near Halloween, according to some meteorologists, who have dubbed it 'Frankenstorm.'

While Hurricane Sandy heads north, a winter storm is heading east, while cold air is coming south from Canada, reports the Daily Mail.

If all threee meet on Tuesday, in New York or New Jersey, there could be heavy rain, extreme tides and snow. Hurricane Sandy may land somewhere from Virginia to New England make a on Monday or Tuesday, so some East Coast cities are preparing for the worst.

Weatherman Chad Myers, who works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), wrote on his Twitter page: "After 26 years in TV weather and two years with NOAA, Sandy may pose the greatest risk to human life that I have seen. After 26 years in TV weather and 2 years with NOAA, #Sandy may pose the greatest risk to human life that I have seen. Pls keep up."

Here is the possible path of Hurricane Sandy in a handy infographic from the Daily Mail and the National Hurricane Center.

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